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Pontoon Boat Rental Miami: Best Companies & What You Need To Know

Renting a boat to sail through Miami Beach, listening to the glistening waters, and letting your skin soak up the sun, is the description of a perfect vacation.

If you want a lot of space for your two-person getaway, or want to host a house full of people on the seas, the best option for holidaymakers is to hire a pontoon.

There are tons of companies out there for you to make this booking with, but you don’t just want to hire any old dingy. To make this day-out as perfect as can be, you need to hire from the best.

Today, we will explain what a pontoon is, what you need to know about them, safety tips for Miami Beach specifically, and the best companies for you to choose from.

This is your one-stop shop for pontoon renting!

Pontoon Boat Rental Miami Best Companies & What You Need To Know

What Is A Pontoon Boat, And Why Are They Popular?

Pontoons are flatboats. Also known as “tubes,” they utilize the method of reserved buoyancy to create massive decks while keeping the boat (and people on board) afloat.

With the flat nature of a pontoon, a manufacturer can add in all sorts of luxurious extras, like lounge chairs, cocktail bars, and sun pads.

Despite their bulky nature, well-made pontoons can still create powerful horsepower, bringing a speedy motion for thrill seekers. They can also be made super easy to control due to their flat bottom.

This short design means that the shallowness of the boat is only around 8 inches deep, which means novice captains reduce the risk of damaging the boat from underwater obstructions like rocks.

With all of these features put together, you get an easy-to-drive boat that can fit lots of people with enough room to dance and drink. You can experience the speedy fun of a fast boat while also lounging around. What more could you ask for!

Renting Pontoon Boats In Miami – What You Need To Know

With so many companies wanting you to hire them, it can be difficult to know which one to pick. We have 5 tips to help you find the best boats for you, and each of them is aimed with Miami Beach in mind.

How Many People Do You Want On The Boat?

Depending on the event you have in mind, you will likely already have the general idea of numbers. If you have no idea, then this is the time to start counting. A pontoon for a couple will be very different from a pontoon for an office party.

If you were to charter the pontoon (which means traveling to different locations or islands), then you cannot have more than 13 people in the boat, no matter the size.

However, most people using a pontoon are there for the water party and not for travel. If that’s the case for you, then you can have as many people as the boat allows, but remember to stay in Miami Beach.

Look Out For The Best Deals

Miami has great weather all year round as it is a hot state that rarely reaches lows of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). However, in the winter months, Miami is more likely to receive rain and storms.

This means that the best deals are often in the winter when the weather is still hot, but most people don’t consider jumping in the water.

When looking at the bargains, weigh up the cost of hourly renting and daily renting. Sometimes it’s cheaper to rent the boat for a day instead of by the hour. Weigh up your options before you agree to a deal!

Ask Companies For All Charges

While you are researching for the best pontoon, be sure to ask the companies for their prices and any additional costs that might otherwise be missed.

For example, on top of the rental fee, there might be a food fee, transportation fee, cost per person, and weather fees.

They often go unnoticed until the bill arrives, so keep on your toes and ask the companies for all of their additional charges. It could be that they offer a special service which would be perfect for the big day!

Check The Reviews

You can always count on public reviews to steer you away from a dodgy company and into the arms of a wonderful one. Take every feedback you see seriously and aim for a company with a 4 out of 5-star rating or higher.

If you look at these reviews in detail, you may notice a pattern. The company may often forget a specific food that you were hoping for, or they could add on an additional charge that you were not expecting.

If you find a recurring complaint, be sure to raise the issue with the company and remind them not to forget again. These reviews could also tell you what the previous users wished would happen during the experience.

Maybe the captain takes the passengers to a beautiful area to snorkel, but no one brought their snorkeling equipment. Use this information to create a better experience for yourself and your friends!

Who Is The Captain?

The owner of the boat or the company themselves will determine who the driver will be. If you want to sail a pontoon in Miami, you don’t need a boating license, but you will need a Boating Safety Education Identification Card.

Once you’ve completed that test, the ID is valid for life! All the companies will give you their own captain, but if you want to drive the boat yourself, show your ID card, and they might let you take the wheel.

Best Companies To Rent A Pontoon With In Miami

We have three great suggestions for you, so if you don’t want to look up the companies yourself, use our breakdown to pick from these three.

1. Aquarius Boat Tours And Rental Miami

Aquarius is a rising star in Miami because of its amazing comfort, wonderful people, and no hidden charges.

The gas price is normally a charge that hits renters in the back, but Aquarius includes the gas in their initial charge. This means that you don’t have to weigh up the gas price with your fun experience. You can drive across the whole beach and back without worrying about anything but time!

Their upfront nature means that everything is disclosed to you from the get-go, so there are no hidden charges or surprises. The company also offers to pick you up from your location (like a house or a hotel) and take you to the boat. The boats are luxurious, well maintained, and spacious!


  • Upfront Costs
  • 6 Options To Choose From
  • Pick Up From Location
  • Sound Systems
  • Up To 6 People


  • Bring Your Own Booze

2. Aquajet Miami

Aquajet is another company that supplies amazing customer service. Unlike Aquarius, they have larger boating options, including Yachts, but today we are looking at pontoons. They do not have a “party” boating experience, however, they have amazing touring options for up to 35 passengers.

These options are not private, so you will be sharing with other vacationers, which means you can see the coastline for a cheaper price. There is even a 1-hour swimming section as part of the 2-hours and 30-minute tour!


  • Cheap
  • Up To 35 Passengers
  • Swimming As Part Of The Tour
  • Touring Boat
  • Inflatables Included


  • Not Private
  • Bring Your Own Booze

3. American Watersports Miami Beach

American Watersports only has one type of Pontoon, and it is more of a speedboat. You can fit up to 9 people in their boat, but the company recommends just 6.

Unlike our other options, American Watersports allow you to drive the boat yourself, making the experience more personal. They allow you to rent by the hour, meaning you can take the boat for the whole day if you want or for a simple and short trip!

In the boats themselves, you will have an epic sound system, a depth finder for scuba diving, a built-in cooler to store your beers, and a GPS, so you never get lost.


  • Up to 9 Passengers
  • Can Be Self Driven
  • Speedy
  • Sound System
  • Depth Finder
  • GPS


  • Small
  • Bring Your Own Booze

Safety Tips For Boats In Miami Beach

Whichever boat you decide to pick, the safety rules are all the same. Keep this article bookmarked so when you hit the water, you are aware of how to be safe.

Check The Weather

Miami weather is ridiculously hard to predict, so be sure to check a local weather app on the day. This should help you figure out what to wear and if you need a change of clothes to bring with you (which is always a good idea).

You might see that a weather warning for a stormy day has cropped out of nowhere. A storm could even pop up on a sunny day. Because of this, you should be aware of the forecast and put on alerts for storm notifications.

Know The Law

Boating regulations change every year, including fishing and wildlife conservation. Because of this, you should check the local advice before speeding through a strict area.

Ask the company you are renting from if you are ever unsure, as they should be aware of all updates and changes.

Lucas Jones