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Party Boat Rental Miami: Best Companies & What You Need To Know

If you’re heading to Miami, it’s likely you’re heading for some parties. Alongside its amazing beaches and dependably good weather, Miami is also a hub for socializing and parties.

One of the best ways to soak up all three of the above things is to rent a party boat! Combining drinking, dancing, music, sun, and sea, this party idea is destined to go down well with your friends and family.

Plenty of people have a similar idea, though, meaning there are loads of companies to choose from when renting a party boat. Luckily for you, this article focuses on the best companies in Miami, and provides all the necessary information you need to have before hiring your party boat.

Party Boat Rental Miami Best Companies & What You Need To Know

What You Need to Know And Consider Before Renting

  • How big is your party? As with most things, the sizes of boats available to rent differ dramatically between companies, and even within each company. Before choosing a boat to rent, it is important to make sure the boat you’re looking at is able to accommodate the number of people you plan to invite.
  • What kind of driving service do you want? Many companies in Miami offer a hands-on approach; some provide a captain, while others you can rent if you have a certain license or level of experience. Depending on the type of party you want to host, you need to decide whether you want to drive the boat yourself or have a professional doing it for you.
  • Other services on offer. Lots of companies include refreshments in their rental deals, while others leave that to you to organize. It’s helpful for you to decide how much autonomy you want when choosing a boat rental company, and how many additional services you’d like to experience. As well as beverages, some companies include additional hires like jet ski rentals in their price. So, if that’s something you’re looking for, make sure the company you choose offers it.

The Best Party Boat Rental Companies

Party On A Boat Rentals

First up, a company that rents out boats of all types and sizes, making sure there’s a yacht for every occasion. When hiring a boat for parties, you have to consider how many people you’d like to have aboard, and any extras you need from the company.

All of Party on a Boat Rental’s boats for hire, for example, come with a Captain, because they are not available to drive yourself. They also come with included sodas, ice, and water, to ensure you and your guests are hydrated throughout the party!

There are eighteen different boats available to rent that have a capacity of up to thirteen people. If you’re hoping for a bigger scale event, there is also a boat that allows up to forty-two people, and one for up to forty-nine! In many of the rental deals here, you can opt to pay extra for jet ski hire, too!

As well as dancing on the boat, you can jump into the water and zoom around the waves. This company has everything you need.


  • Variety of boat types and capacities
  • Drinks included
  • Captain on board


  • The captain is mandatory. If you’re looking to take charge of a boat yourself, it won’t be through this company.

South Beach Party Boats

This rental company provides boats for up to twelve passengers, so is perfect if you know your party is going to be intimate. All boats are driven by a captain, meaning you and your friends can relax and enjoy the party while you cruise around Miami’s sights, including Star Island, Millionaire’s Row, and plenty of island bars.

For these rental boats, no drinks are included, but you are able to bring as much food and drink as you please! What is included as an additional service, though, is jet ski rentals!

You can pay for you and your guests to meet an instructor and learn how to use them, so that your fun activity is also safe. As well as jet skis, you can opt to try out fly boards or jet packs! This is definitely the right company for you if you want to get active instead of just staying on the boat.


  • Cool additional services are available
  • Captain included
  • See some of Miami’s highlights on the journey


  • This company only has boats for up to twelve people, so isn’t suitable for larger parties

Tikki Beach Boat Rentals

Tikki Beach company has been around and providing an unforgettable experience for over twenty years. They’re well-prepared when it comes to parties, too. They rent out chartered party yachts, party boats, and have cruises for birthdays and special events.

For their yacht charters, Tikki beach has an array of options. They have boats organized into capacity groups: 10 – 50 guests, 50 – 150 guests, 150 – 600 guests, and even have the option of renting an entire fleet of party boats!

This means that they have a yacht for you, no matter the size of your group. Many of their yachts have an onboard chef, meaning that you and your guests can enjoy a fine dining experience while aboard.

Some of their yachts allow daytime swimming and group activities if you’re hoping for something a little less formal than a dinner party!

Tikki Beach’s boat charters accommodate anywhere from twenty to five hundred people. So, again, your party can be as lowkey or as extra as you desire.

As well as boat hires, Tikki Beach also offers wedding planning services, meaning if you have your special day coming up, you could have your reception on one of their luxury boats!

One of the company’s most popular boats, though, is their namesake – the Tikki Beach boat. With a capacity of up to 150 passengers, this beach-themed boat looks exactly like a floating beach bar.

It has a natural sand floor on the upper deck, cabana beds, palm trees, and is also climate controlled! The upper deck also has two large bars and a DJ booth, meaning that your party will be fuelled by live music and cocktails – whilst at sea! Renting this boat sounds like a dream come true.


  • Wide array of capacity options, making it suitable for parties of all sizes
  • On-board chefs on most yachts
  • Specialist event planning services
  • Unique beach-bar-themed boat available for hire


  • Are there any? I genuinely cannot think of one!


This company is a little more lowkey, but has some truly great options. This company allows you to choose whether you need a skipper or not, meaning that if you have a licence, you can operate the boats, or you can rent a licence free boat if you don’t have any permits.

This gives you so much freedom, and means you can take the boat wherever you like (within reason!). 

From fishing boats to catamarans, this company gives you so many options. Most of their rental boats carry up to twelve passengers, but there are a few boats with a higher capacity; their biggest holds up to one hundred and fifty people. 

Alongside their sizing options, Nautal also provides services like jet ski rentals, ensuring your experience is well-rounded. 


  • Wide array of capacity options
  • Option to rent with or without a skipper, giving you autonomy and the chance to operate a boat


  • No beverages included in many of the deals

Partyboat Charter

This company has a great website that makes it easy to set up your requirements and leave the rest of the responsibilities to them. 

For their party boats, they have options for up to twenty-five passengers, and the boats are suitable for any occasion. For their party yachts, you are allowed up to twelve people on board, but you also get a luxury service – Champagne is served on nearly all of their yachts!

For bigger and more extravagant events, Partyboat Charter has a range of special events boats that cater for up to four hundred guests. Their Luxurious Yacht has multiple bars, a dining room fit for two hundred people, and a top deck with 360-degree views of Miami. It really does have it all. 


  • Array of options, from capacity number to event type
  • Captain and crew included in all yachts


  • No food or drink included in the price for most of the boats


As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to renting a party boat in Miami. The Magic City is so-called for a reason, after all! But, these are some of the best boat rental companies in the area, so hopefully there’s one on the list that suits your needs.

Before booking, always remember to: make sure the boat your renting accommodates your number of guests; decide whether you’d like extra services or just want to stick to the party; know whether you’d like to drive the boat yourself, and make sure you have the necessary licenses where applicable.

I hope you find your perfect party boat – soak up the Miami atmosphere and bon voyage!

Lucas Jones