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Boat Rental In Miami – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning a visit to sunny Miami, you won’t be disappointed. Experience the ultimate culture trip with a rich history and tons of things to see and do. Miami attracts visitors all year round due to the glorious weather.

Temperatures rarely drop below 24C, making it an ideal place to get out onto the water and enjoy boating around the area and beyond. If you are a sailing enthusiast but don’t own a boat, you may be considering hiring one for the duration of your trip.

We’ve put together some of the best boating rental options in the area, so you can plan your perfect vacation. Firstly, what do you need to consider before hiring a boat ?

Get A Guide

When you hire a car whilst on holiday, you will usually purchase a map of the area to find out the best spots and prevent you from getting lost. The same applies to boat hire.

You should ensure you get a guide with details of marinas and ports, so you know where you can stop when needed. You can also get a detailed travel guide to familiarize yourself with the local area.

Check Weather Details

In order to safely navigate the sea, it’s crucial that you receive information about the weather. You can purchase maps that will explain about winds and waves and enable you to safely follow a route and find appropriate moorings. This is especially important if you plan to sail the boat yourself and not hire a captain.

Ask To See Safety Features

Any company that hires out boats should have all necessary safety features required for safe sailing. They should be transparent when it comes to sharing information with you about the elements of onboard safety.

There should be procedures to follow and fire equipment in case of emergency. In addition, the boat should be equipped with life jackets and any children travelling should wear them at all times.

Check Website And Reviews

Before finalizing your decision on what company to use, be sure to check out their credentials. They should have a website with detailed information on the hiring process. It’s also useful to find some reviews to establish how other people have found the service.

Always ensure you check these companies have the appropriate rental license and check out the regulations, as each state differs in what they require. You should also read their terms and conditions carefully before signing any paperwork.

So let’s look at some reputable companies that hire their boats.

Vista Yachts

For the ultimate in luxury, try Vista Yachts. They offer top of the range yachts with sophisticated interiors in a variety of styles. Each yacht offers accommodation for 10-12 guests and differs in size. Each package is customizable, and this is the perfect option if you want to hire staff and captain and not sail the boat yourself.

Miami Rent Boat

These self rental boats are ideal for exploring the local area by water. The boats are fully equipped and prices are reasonable. They are available from $270 with 8 people per boat.

You can rent them per hour or for the whole day. The boats offer easy access to the water for swimming. In addition, the boat includes snorkeling gear and a complimentary bottle of champagne.

Hiring a boat gives you the opportunity to explore islands hidden away from the main tourist area and you can even swim with the wild dolphins you encounter along the way. You’re bound to have plenty of photo opportunities when travelling along Biscayne Bay.

Miami River Boat Rental

Miami River Boat Rental is another good option for those who want a trusted captain included in the rental. Felix has been a captain for 30 years and has much experience sailing around Miami. He and his wife started the company due to their love of all things nautical.

The Miami river runs for 5.5 miles (ca. 9 km) between the Miami canal and Biscayne Bay, and it’s a wonderful and relaxing way to see the city. Kick back and relax being toured down the river. Look on their website for information on the boats on offer.

For example, they run the Sea Ray Sedan Bridge Motor Yacht that carries 8 passengers and is fully equipped with stereo and Bluetooth, life jackets, safety equipment, lounge, galley, and cooler to keep drinks in. There are smaller options too, depending on requirements.

Party Boat Charter

For the party enthusiasts, a chartered party boat will ensure you have a party to remember. There are several packages available with different prices depending on numbers and budget. There are lots of extras included in the price such as water toys, sound system not to mention experienced crew and captain.

The party boat charter is the perfect option to celebrate something special such as a birthday, anniversary, bachelor, or bachelorette party.

Miami Sailing

Miami sailing is a good budget option, and you hire the captain along with the boat. You can hire the boat for the day, and they run all year round.

You can rent the boat for 6-12 people or there is an option to have a romantic cruise at sunset, you even stay overnight for an extended experience. For an added extra, why not enjoy a photoshoot to catch all your nautical memories.

Boat Rental Now

This beautiful yacht is the popular Ray Sedan Bridge and carries up to 8 passengers. It’s fully equipped with a Bluetooth stereo system and boasts a lovely galley area and lounge and offers a cooler for drinks and snacks. A four-hour hire will cost $1600, and you can rent the boat for up to 8 hours.

The boat can be hired with or without a captain but will cost an extra $150 if you choose to bring a captain along. All boats include life jackets for safety.

The company has some great reviews and the customer service is second to none. The staff speak both English and Spanish, removing any language barriers.

Jet Boat Miami

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more exciting than a cruise, then why not hire a jet boat, guaranteed to give you a thrilling ride. There are various packages available that are fully customizable. You can enjoy a tour around the beautiful Pacific waters and discover hidden treasures aboard a thrilling and exciting jet boat.

The website offers information on available rides such as banana riding, which is a great fun option for adults and kids alike. You can celebrate a special occasion with a pontoon tour where you can party and sunbathe whenever the fancy takes you.

Speedboats are great for getting around quickly and for maximum sightseeing, as well as partying. You can add any activities you want to make it a special and individual experience. Why not swim in the pure waters with 100 feet (ca. 30 m) visibility? Pure bliss.

Miss Britt

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, why not book a trip with Miss Britt’s fleet. The staff all have a wealth of experience in the world of fishing and have a genuine passion for the sport. A trip with Miss Britt will allow you the opportunity to see a plethora of fish such as mako sharks, king fish, Mali, wahoo, snooks, carpons and many more.

The captain, Ray Rosher, has been fishing professionally since 1979, so you’re sure to be in safe hands. He can take you on a group trip, family group or 1-1, so be sure to discuss your requirements with the friendly staff.

Miami Party Boat Rental

For those looking for an unforgettable party, why not hire a boat from this prestigious company. Miami party boat rental offers luxury and affordable prices.

The owners of the company have a unique passion for water sports and nautical adventures that they wanted to share with others. They want to share the amazing feeling of gliding through the water with fresh air on the skin. Alongside the joy of being on the water, it’s also a wonderful way to see the Miami landscape.

They offer many trips as well as an awesome option for a big party with friends and family. They have special offers running and an accessible website that allows you to customize your package, they provide an interesting blog to read and a FAQ section. In addition, it has all prices included, and you can book online.


Boatmania has been going for 4 years and caters for a variety of boat rental requirements. The largest boat they have is the Super Lazarra 75 FT 2015. It can accommodate up to 12 people and is equipped with a super sound system which is Bluetooth enabled, TVs, kitchen essentials, shower, toilet and aircon. You can also hire jet skis to take along on your adventure.

For a slightly smaller option, you can choose the Yamaha AR210, 2017 21 ft (6.4 m). Suitable for 8 people with a great sound system and on board inflatables for fun in the sun. Check out their website for more information and details on boats and packages.

So, whatever the occasion, there are lots of options for renting boats in Miami. Happy sailing!

Lucas Jones