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How Much Does A Bass Boat Weigh (With Examples)

Native only to America along with Canada, and Mexico, the largemouth bass can be found in every US state bar Alaska. It, along with many other freshwater bass species is considered game fish. Anglers up, down, and around the country love hooking on to bass because they offer up such a thrilling fight.

Our love of fishing bass, therefore, means there’s a huge market for bass-specific fishing boats.

How Much Does A Bass Boat Weigh (1)

Bass boats are purpose-built for fishing in freshwater. Their decks are flat and they have a low profile that allows fun and engaging fishing in tight estuaries and rivers.

The bow and stern both feature a raised platform that helps anglers to cast in any direction. They also benefit from a streamlined construction that promotes fast over-water speeds (something every angler can appreciate).

Bass boats are designed for outboard motors which, subsequently, creates more deck and storage space.

Although these boats are specifically built for bass fishing, their slender designs also make them great boats for catching other freshwater species like trout, bluegill, and panfish.

You can find bass boats ranging from 14 – 25 ft in length, with the smaller end intended for small river systems, while the larger ones can handle bigger bodies of water like Lake Erie in Detroit. We’ve made sure to include an assortment of bass boat sizes, with varying designs, in the list below.

This will give you a good guide as to the typical weights to look out for when in the market for a bass boat of today.

Dry Weight VS Package Weight

Something to be mindful of when in the market for a bass boat is the difference between its dry and package weight. The package weight refers to a boat’s weight including the motor, trailer, batteries, and the weight of the boat on the water.

This is a good weight to know for towing purposes. The dry weight, therefore, is the weight of the boat before anything has been added to it – the manufacturer’s weight if you so will.

1. Bass Cat Puma FTD – $57,990

● Average dry weight = 1,825lb
● Average package weight = Unknown

The redesigned Puma FTD is Bass Cat’s flagship bass fishing boat. Very popular among serious anglers, this premium boat benefits from an ultra-durable and super-comfortable fiberglass hull.

At 20’4” in length, the Puma FTD is perfectly sized to feel stable in open water, while remaining nimble enough to maneuver you through tight and winding waterways.

Handling a 250 – 300 horsepower motor, these fast and whippy boats will get you to where the fish are biting before they are not.

Weighing in at approximately 1825lb means they aren’t the lightest bass boats of the bunch, but considering their high-spec and premium construction – this weight won’t feel like much when cruising over the water.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find the package weight of the Bass Cat Puma FTD. However, as a general rule of thumb, the package weight is often double that of the dry weight. This sets the estimated Puma FTD’s package weight at approx. 3,650lb.

2. Nitro Z21 – $52,595

● Average dry weight = 2,150lb
● Average Package weight = 4,050lb

Designed with expert guidance and knowledge from champion bass fishermen Edwin Evers and Kevin VanDam, the Z21 is Nitro’s second-best boat in their nine-strong bass boat fleet. Only just behind the Z21 Pro in terms of spec, this state-of-the-art boat is a real beauty.

The Z21 comes, as stock, with force flex suspension to help keep you and your fellow anglers comfortable and keen in rougher waters. Look out for the 5-inch touchscreen switch panel that features one-touch command controls, like the First Fish function that fills and recirculates the dual 19-gallon livewells.

There’s also room for 10 8-foot rods in the cleverly designed port rod organizer and specialist gunnel lights to help you get safely back to the boat ramp well after dark. Measuring 21’2” in length and with a 95-inch beam, the Z21 has ample space for four anglers to safely fish on deck.

The hefty price tag of this impressive bass boat includes a 225 HP Mercury outboard and custom-fit trailer, which will help to soften the rather large blow to the back pocket. Weighing 2,150lb dry, this high-spec boat is hefty in weight, size, and price, making it a big-time bass boat for big-time bass fishermen.

3. Tracker Pro Team 190 TX – $27,695

● Average dry weight = 1,050lb
● Average package weight = 2,330lb

With an average dry weight of just 1,050lb, Tracker’s 190 TX is one of the lightest bass boats on the market today. This lightweight coupled with its small 18’7” total length means the 190 TX is a very solid choice for getting upriver in confidence, quickly.

It features a very minimal deck layout that puts it in the tournament category of bass boats. The deck has integrated 7-ft rod boxes with tip organizers, a huge tackle compartment, a bag organizer, and a step with a cooler to boot.

Tracker put their money where their construction is, utilizing a 1-piece hull system that comes protected with their trademarked diamond coat finish. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the 190 TX also comes with complete 5-year bow-to-stern warranty coverage and a lifetime’s warranty on deck and hull structure.

Comfortably fitting three anglers (but no more), this compact and lightweight boat will have you plucking bass out of the tightest parts of the river with ease.

4. Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk

Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk

● Average dry weight = 1,608lb
● Average package weight = Unknown

Considered a multispecies boat with an emphasis on snapping up bass, the Crestliner 1850 Bass Hawk offers a good mid-way point on spec and size. It has a dry weight is 1,608lb and measures 18’9” – ensuring good coverage on the main lake basin and sneaking up into shallow water holes, just the same.

The 95-inch beam is considered wide for this size boat, which means it will feel nice and sturdy on both the bow and stern. In addition to the oversized casting decks, the amount of underdeck storage that this cleverly designed boat has is incredible – to say the least.

The aluminum deep-V hull is also super-durable and will slice through your local fishing haunts in speed and style. The Crestliner 1750 also comes with a 28-gallon livewell and a 15-rod capacity center rod locker.

So whether you’re chasing muskie, walleye, or of course bass, this beauty of a boat is fully-equipped with the latest in bass boat tech and comes ready to put you in the spot to hook onto the catch of the day.

5. Charger 210 Elite

● Average dry weight = 1,900lb
● Average package weight = Unknown

The Charger 210 Elite has two things on the agenda – speed and agility. Handling a 300 HP motor, this sleek-looking machine will blaze its own trail up the lake without a worry about it. Designed to fit six people at a maximum, the 210 is also the perfect family boat to get the whole family interested in catching dinner.

Two of the features that help this premium design stand out are the heated custom driver seat and the handcrafted steering wheel that adjusts perfectly into place. There are also two purpose-built dry boxes that have been ergonomically designed into footrests to maximum space on the deck.

The spacious and cushioned 43 sq/ft front deck will go a long way in giving every angler onboard a great day of fatigue-free fishing. There’s also 23 sq/ft of a back deck to give the driver and his/ her co-pilot plenty of space to cast.

With a large livewell capacity of 40 gallons, your entire bass-hunting team will be able to hook in all day with room for the whole catch – it doesn’t get any fresher than that. The 50-gallon gas tank is another feature in the cap of the 210 Elite that promotes a full day of fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Weight Of A Bass Boat With Its Trailer?

Bass boats are lighter than most other types of fishing boats. Their low and stable profile coupled with the reduced weight means they are perfect for fishing in tight corners of rivers where bass love to frequent. On average, you would expect a bass boat to be around the 1,700lb (dry weight) mark.

They range from just shy of 1,000lb up to in excess of 2,500lb, making 1,700lb a very good midway point on weight, size, and spec.

Can You Tow A Bass Boat With An SUV?

Can You Tow A Bass Boat With An SUV

Towing a bass boat with an SUV is fine as long as its towing rating is at least 1,000lb pounds over the package weight of your bass boat. This means if your bass boat has a package weight of 5,000lb, to be on the safer side of towing, you should be looking at an SUV that can handle 6,000lb at a minimum.

This will give you confidence in your vehicle’s ability to tow your boat – instead of a constant worry.


Fishing for bass with a dedicated and purpose-built bass boat is some of the finest fishing that you can do. The stability that these low-profile boats provide allows you and your fishing buddies to feel like you’re part of the river.

Getting up into known bass holes and engaging with the river and your surroundings makes for a truly memorable fishing experience, and it is this reason why so many Americans love fishing for bass.

Lucas Jones